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What you see here is
the cream of the crop in the eyes of those who know best. Yeah.
That would be us.

It's like the choice hamburger that receives the "USDA Choice Beef" stamp. Yeah. Like that. If you'd rather have a night on the town instead of staying home to pluck the hairs out of your nostrils, then heed our suggestions.

"American Dreamz" Premiere

April 11, Arclight Theatre

Mandy Moore will be bringing her boy toy, Zach Braff (swoon!). I'm bummed that Hugh Grant won't be attending, but hey. If there's a red carpet, I'm totally there.

Celebrity Carnival

June 11, Wadsworth Theatre Grounds

Celebrities show up to play carnival games with the rich families who pay a grand each to come and mingle with the famous. Volunteers like yours truly get to play games with the celebs and manage the crowds to our booths. Last year I played the bushel basket with Matthew Perry and Emily Deschanel. Who knows what this year will bring, but it's good, silly fun.

Brian Setzer Christmas Extravaganza

December 2006, Universal Amphitheatre

For the last three years, we've sworn we would go see this show. This year, we mean it. I swear. First, let's just get through halloween.

Elvis Presley

January 15, Hollywood Boulevard

Oh, you caught me. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.


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